вторник, 20 декабря 2016 г.

Do you like to get out in your room or apartment? Always Do you have a pure, clean and comfortable? Yes, as you have probably realized, today I would like to pogovorimtob cleaning. And if you be a little more precise, about: how to quickly restore it and why?

Today I will tell you about my new priobretenii- of an upright vacuum cleaner Bissell. It is a wireless and battery, as well as a vacuum cleaner "2 in 1" with turboschёtkoy with small removable mini hand vacuum cleaner that can be used separately.

I chose a vacuum cleaner on the basis of its technical characteristics, nice design, and of course price:

✔ Power: I did not need a very powerful vacuum cleaner, because in my apartment no carpets, and clean conventional flat floor much easier.
✔ Design: As for the design what I needed was either white or black vacuum cleaner without the main bright body colors. Just these two colors are represented in the upright vacuum cleaner models. I chose black.
✔ Specifications: With regard to the characteristics of what I was looking for it, and Fast-wireless. Charging time KT-502-2 is 8 hours, it is possible to put in charge at night and in the morning to start cleaning.

Why is my choice fell on the vertical and wireless vacuum cleaner? ✌
❏ First, in my opinion, conventional vacuum cleaners are already far not relevant because of its size and wires;
❏ Secondly, the vacuum cleaner is upright, and consequently a compact: takes up little space during storage;
❏ In the third place, a vacuum cleaner has a battery unit and its power, which makes it wireless.

One of the main advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner - it is compact. When storing it takes up much less space than a conventional vacuum cleaner. On the basis of a vacuum cleaner has a special eye for fixing it on the wall. Also, in the database there is a special recess for storage of replaceable nozzles. The handle of the vacuum cleaner can be easily detached, one screw is enough to turn away when needed, which has a slot so that its loosening and tightening, you can use a coin and do without a screwdriver.
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The kit also includes the book, which contains all the basic information about this vacuum cleaner: its characteristics, general information, rules for its assembly and purification.

Battery: Ni-MH 14,4 V, 1800 mAh chMoschnost: 90 VtMaksimalnoe time: 18-20 Noise minutUroven 77 dBЁmkost dust collector: 0,8 lPovorot brushes: 180 gradusovVremya charge: 8 chasovBlok supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz / DC 19,5 V, 350 mAVysota cleaner assembled: 1117 mm Width of the brush: 250 mmGlubina brush: 163 mmRazmer base: 257 x 217 x 243 mmRazmer cleaner: 1117 x 250 x 170 net mmVes 3 kgVes gross: 3.8 kg
Life: 5 let.Tovar certified.

⇨ Power: small, comparing with the conventional vacuum cleaner. But strong enough to clean any floor surface. It can even deeply cleanse and scrub the short-nap carpets, but, in my opinion, include the long handle it is not full;
⇨ Battery: good enough and 20 minutes the battery is enough for cleaning the apartment of any size. It is very convenient and profitable: it is possible to put the vacuum cleaner at night to recharge and get out in the morning already in the apartment;